ShiftApp Employee Scheduling Software

Are you still scheduling your work schedules using Excel, Word, or pen & paper? Are employees being double-booked while some shifts are left unfilled? Is your staff getting confused by outdated schedules and then coming to work at the wrong time? On the wrong day? Are you struggling to sort out conflicting changes made by different managers?

If this situation is familiar then don't worry, you are not alone because we hear these stories all the time. These are all too familiar pain points for many workforces. And yet your business situation can be made worse by some other scheduling apps which only create new headaches while replicating the same old problems online.

We have good news, a better way is possible - ShiftApp is a clear and easy-to-read calendar-based schedule system. Included is secure staff access from home and mobile apps, with timely automatic reminders of upcoming shift assignments. Built-in support for simultaneous and conflict-free updates from multiple managers. A system that works. Suitable for any number of employees, from a few, up to thousands - ready to scale with your growing business.

ShiftApp is different. Built from the ground up to support the needs of busy schedule managers and workforces like yours. Whether your schedule is a regular repeating pattern, or different shifts every day, or staff scheduled to multiple clients or locations, or long shifts, short shifts, or 24x7 shift coverage, the ShiftApp schedule system is ready to power your employee scheduling needs.

Save time and money by simplifying and speeding up your schedule management process with ShiftApp.

Secure by default, ShiftApp allows you to configure what shifts and information employees can see. ShiftApp is ideal for both agency style businesses and in-house workforce management. ShiftApp is configurable to meet your specific business needs.

Many companies already run and grow their business on ShiftApp, get ready to add yours.

ShiftApp public launch mid 2022.