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Do you own a leisure or activity business? Are you struggling to manage your employee schedules? If so, ShiftApp can help!

Ever faced the chaos of an understaffed gym during peak hours? Or perhaps the challenge of ensuring every activity in a camp or centre is covered? It's not just about having staff— it's about having them at the right place and time.

Coordination is critical in the heart of the leisure industry —gyms, camps, sports complexes, theme parks, adventure parks, resorts, recreation and activity centres. Your staff is the backbone of seamless operations; managing their schedules efficiently can make all the difference.
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ShiftApp Software for Leisure Businesses

ShiftApp is an online schedule planning software that can help you save time, improve accuracy, and increase flexibility. With ShiftApp, you can easily create and manage schedules for your entire team, even if you have multiple locations. ShiftApp also features automated notifications and reporting tools that help you to communicate effectively with staff about their schedules.

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ShiftApp Schedule Sofware Screenshot is tailored to address the unique schedule management needs of the leisure sector:

  • Dynamic Schedule Adaptability: Adjust staff schedules on-the-fly to handle rush hours or special events in your business.
  • Remote Access: Equip your staff with 24/7 schedule visibility, ensuring they're always in the loop.
  • Clear & Efficient Communication: Notify staff of schedule updates in real-time, eliminating potential overlaps or gaps.
  • Optimised Staffing: Ensure your facility is neither overstaffed nor understaffed, maximizing operational efficiency and service quality.

The introduction of ShiftApp to Thorpe Woodlands has revolutionised how the centre operates. For years we struggled with Excel spreadsheets which were constantly being updated and re-printed. ShiftApp has saved us time and money – all of our staff know when they are working, the name of the client they are working with and the activities for the day. For us, the most useful aspect of ShiftApp is having the ability to quickly look at staff availability and to calculate hours worked through the shift reports. I genuinely cannot imagine life without ShiftApp.
Tim Edmonds - schedule manager

Tim Edmonds
Centre Manager
Thorpe Woodlands Adventure Centre

Don't let schedule mishaps hinder your facility's operations. Choose ShiftApp and elevate the way you manage your leisure industry staff.

If you are a leisure or activity business looking for a way to improve your schedule management, ShiftApp is the perfect solution. Try ShiftApp today for free!

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