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Create a New Workforce

A demonstration for schedule managers, showing them how to create a new workforce.

Video Transcript

Each company or organisation needs to have its own ShiftApp Workforce.

A ShiftApp Workforce contains a list of employees, and one or more schedules where these employees can be assigned to shifts.

Your Workforce is probably already created.

To create a different Workforce, click the "Add New Workforce" button on the bottom of the Workforce tab popup menu.

Enter your Business name, or company name, or the name of your company division.

And an optional description.

The "First day of the Week" is the day when you would typically issue a new schedule, or whatever your business considers the first day of the week to be.

Set your "business hours start" to be 1 hour earlier than when your first shift starts.

And set your "Business hours finish" to be 1 hour later than when your last shift ends.

If you have shifts that run past midnight, then you can extend the "business hours finish" into the next day.

The "shift time precision" sets limits on the times at which your shifts can start and finish.

Setting this to a larger value will make the schedule easier to use.

Your Workforce will be created with 1 schedule. You can set the name for that schedule here.

Click the "Create" button, and your new Workforce will be loaded.

You’ll see your Workforce Name, Schedule Name, and business hours clearly displayed. And also, a thin green line is shown before each first day of the week.

After a workforce has been created, the settings can be changed from "Edit Settings" found under the "Workforce" menu tab.

Workforce Settings also has an "Edit Logo" button that you can use to change the square image that is used as the logo for the Workforce.

Thank You.

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