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Managers: Print and Export

A guide for schedule managers, telling them about some Print and Export options.

Video Transcript

When managers print from ShiftApp, all shifts, and all assignments, are shown. This is regardless of the Workforce Settings that might affect data visibility for employees.

Clicking the Print menu tab brings up the various print and export options.

Many Print PDF Report options are available, including

The full Schedule or Schedules,

Shift Summary Reports,

Holiday Report,

Sick Leave Report,

Individual Schedules for employees, clients, and resources,

and a lists of employees, clients, and resources,

and Employee, Client, and Resource, Records.

CSV Exports include,

Shift Details,

Hours Summary,

Hours Summary Employee per Resource

Hours Summary Employee per Client,

Hours Summary per Schedule,

Empty Shifts,


and Sick Leave.

All known shift details are included in the reports and exports and so they can be used for further analysis, reporting, or payroll purposes.

If your business requires a different report or export then please get in touch with us.

Thank you.

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