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Multiple Schedules

A guide for schedule managers, showing them how to add multiple schedules.

Video Transcript

A ShiftApp Workforce can contain multiple schedules.

A single schedule setup is probably best for a small workforce.

Larger workforces could use multiple schedules to indicate shifts at separate locations,

or, shifts for specific roles,

or, shifts with distinct clients.

The need to use multiple schedules depends on the requirements of each business.

You can view each schedule on it's own.

Or, You can view All schedules at once.

Or, You can view a selection of schedules together.

Viewing a selection of schedules can be helpful when your organisation has many schedules and multiple schedule managers.

Each manager can view and focus on their area of responsibility, while still having access to the other schedules when needed.

A new Schedule can be added by clicking on the "schedules" menu tab, and then "Add or Edit Schedules", and then "Add New Schedule".

Each Schedule must have a name, and a description is optional.

The new Schedule is created.

While various "Workforce Settings" control what shifts are visible to employees, all schedule names and descriptions are visible to all employees.

If your organisation has completely independent and unique pools of employees, that do not need to see or access each others schedules, for example, employees located at different sites, or employees engaged in different and mutually exclusive roles (for example, Doctors and Cooks), then, instead of having all employees in a single Workforce and using multiple schedules, you could create multiple independent Workforces on ShiftApp to manage these independent groups of staff and their schedules.

Thank You.

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