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60 Second Tour

A quick tour of ShiftApp Schedule Software in 60 Seconds.

Video Transcript


"ShiftApp" is online and mobile software for managing your work Schedule. Instead of using grids or spreadsheet cells, ShiftApp clearly displays shifts on a regular calendar view.

Managers can schedule new shifts, and then assign employees, with a single click.

You can easily see when each shift starts, and ends, and who is working.

Shifts can be set to automatically repeat, to create whatever shift pattern you need.

A beautiful and easy to read one page PDF of the schedule can be printed or emailed.

You can use "Workforce Memos" to easily communicate with all staff and managers.

Business owners can upgrade their account to give all their employees online access.

Employees with their own user account,

can check the schedule from home, or on their phone, and update their availability.

ShiftApp is already being used in many industries, including:

"home care",





and "events". It is perfect for your business too.

Please see our other videos for full details of all the ShiftApp features.

Thank You.

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