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Employee Introduction

A Quick Introduction to ShiftApp for Employees.

Video Transcript

ShiftApp is online and mobile software that helps employees access and respond to their work schedules.

You may have received an email from your shift manager at work with a request to connect to your workforce and it's schedules on ShiftApp.

Follow the invite link to create a ShiftApp user account for yourself.

Once you've created and activated your account, you'll have access to the ShiftApp system.

If you already have a ShiftApp account, then you can use the
'Job Invite Code' from the invitation email, in the 'Add New Job' form.

On the ShiftApp Home page, you'll see a list of your upcoming shifts.

On the Work page, you'll see your workforce Schedule,

or Schedules.

Depending on the settings chosen by your managers, on the Schedule you'll see:

Only your shifts.

Or maybe, all shifts, but only showing the assignments on your own shifts.

Or maybe, all shifts and all assignments.

Again, depending on the settings chosen by your managers, on the Schedule you might see:

Just "Confirmed Shifts", to which the managers probably won't make any more changes.

Or, a mix of "Confirmed Shifts", and "Draft Shifts", which are still being planned.

If your workforce is using the "Availability" feature, then on the Schedule view, you can update your availability by clicking the "Availability" buttons in each day row.

Or, in each week row.

If your workforce is using the "Shift Interest" feature, then you can mark your interest as "Willing" on shifts you are not yet assigned to.

If your workforce is using the "Shift Agreement" feature, then you can mark "Accept" for your upcoming shifts from the Home page.

Or you can "Accept" on your future shifts on the Work page by clicking the controls in the "Shift Details Box", that appears above each shift.

From the schedule view you can print out a PDF copy of the schedule, or email it to yourself.

You can also check the contact information of your managers.

You might be able to see the contact information of your fellow employees, but this depends on the ShiftApp settings chosen by them, and by your managers.

The best way for employees to access ShiftApp is to install the ShiftApp Mobile App on their phone.

The "ShiftApp App" allows you to view your upcoming shifts, set "Availability", set "Interest", set "Agreements", and reed and respond to "Memos".

Search for ShiftApp in your App Store.

You can also access the ShiftApp Mobile Site on your phone or tablet.

Please see all of our other videos and documentation on the 'Help' page to get a full understanding of the ShiftApp system.

Thank you.

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