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Information about the Mobile Apps & Site.

Video Transcript

ShiftApp can be accessed from your mobile phone.

We have apps available for iPhone and Android.

Our apps are available in the AppStore. Search for "ShiftApp", or follow the links in the ShiftApp page footer.

and a mobile website.

You can also access the ShiftApp Mobile Site on your phone or tablet, at ShiftApp dot com, forward slash, em.

Begin by logging in.

On the list of upcoming shifts, you can update your availability for each day and you can update your shift agreements for each shift.

Tap on any shift to see the details of that shift including the names of other employees assigned to that shift.

Tap "Back" or "Home" to return to the home screen.

Tap "Memos"

And then "Inbox",

to read, and respond to, any "Memos".

Tap your workplace to view full information about schedules and employees.

From the list of schedules, you can tap each schedule to bring up the full list of shifts that you are allowed to see.

From the list of employees, you can tap each name to bring up that employee's details.

Directly from your phone, you can tap to email them.

Call them.

or Sms them.

The Menu link on the homepage shows further options.

Including a link to the "Settings" screen, where you can change your notification settings.

Thank You.

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