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Memo System

The Memo system is a quick and easy way to communicate with employees and managers.

Video Transcript

In this screencast, I'll quickly demo the ShiftApp Memo System and show how it’s an excellent way for managers and employees to communicate important information.

Click the New Memo tab to author a new memo.

The distribution for a new memo can be one of the following:

All Current Employees, which will deliver the memo to all employees (including managers) in the workforce.

All Current AND future employees, which will also deliver the memo to any new employees that are added to the workforce at a later date

Selected Employees Only, where you get to select the employees who should receive the memo.

All Current Managers, which will deliver the memo only to workforce managers.

All Current And future managers, which will also deliver the memo to any new managers, or newly promoted managers, in the future.

Selected Managers, where you select the managers who should receive the memo.

Employees might see a restricted list of available "Distributions", depending on the Workforce Settings.

For this Memo, let's select the "All current employees" distribution.

Memos can allow "Responses" from the distribution or not.

They can be "private" to only the responder and the memo author.

Or the responses can be public and visible to the whole distribution.

Set an "Expiry Period", after which the Memo will be automatically deleted.

A Subject and Message are required for each memo.

Then click save and preview,

Next, A preview of the memo is shown.

Click "Post Memo" to deliver the memo.

Sent Memos, and any responses to them, can be found in the "Sent Memos" folder.

The memo will then be delivered to the Inbox of all users in the distribution. They’ll also see it on their Rotaville Home page.

If responses are allowed, then short responses can be added to the Memo.

Later, from the Sent Memos list, the memo author can review the responses received.

Memos can be deleted only by the memo author or a manager. Otherwise, memos will stay stored in the Rotaville user’s inbox and archive folders. So this makes the memo system suitable for sending important and persistent information.

Old out-of-date memos can be deleted. Deleted memos are also immediately removed from everyone's inbox - whether they've been read or not.

Conveniently, Memos always show exactly who has opened the memo and who hasn't - so the classic excuse of "sorry, I didn't get the message", can now be tracked and reliably checked.

Each user can receive email notifications about new memos, and this setting is set "on" by default.

Memo web pages can be printed directly from your web browser for display or manual distribution in your workplace.

Memos can be easily and quickly red using the ShiftApp Mobile App.

Hopefully, you can see how ShiftApp Memos can be a handy tool for communication in your workforce.

Thank You.

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