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Shift Agreements

Information for employees about using Shift Agreements.

Video Transcript

Employees can “Accept” or “Decline” their assigned shifts using the "Shift Agreement" feature on ShiftApp.

Upcoming Shifts can be "accepted" or "declined" from the employee’s homepage

or from the web schedule view

and also from the mobile app or mobile site.

Accepting Shifts is an excellent way for employees to inform their schedule manager that they know about their upcoming shifts.

Please note: Some managers and workforces do not allow shifts to be declined. Please note also, some Workforces do not use the "Shift Agreement" feature at all. Also, some Workforces have set restrictions on when shifts can be declined.

Employees can check the workforce settings to see how the Shift Agreement feature has been configured for their workforce and they should speak to their schedule manager about how they are expected to use Shift Agreements.

If your workforce allows shifts to be "declined", then "declining" a shift does not automatically imply that you are not required to work. You should probably contact a schedule manager directly about the shift assignment in question.

Thank You.

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