Automatically Repeating Shifts

Individual shifts can be set to repeat according to a variety of advanced rules, allowing for whatever repeating shift, repeating schedule or repeating schedule your business requires. Some example repeating patterns include:

  • Repeats every 14 Days
  • Repeats every Tuesday and Thursday
  • Repeats every 1st and 16th of the month
  • Repeats every 2nd Monday of the month

Beginning and end dates for each repeating shift can be set.

Shifts on the ShiftApp schedule can be set to automatically repeat according to any schedule your business needs.

Shifts can be set to repeat with, or without, employee assignments.

Advanced Scheduling

New Repeating Shift Dialog Form
The New Repeating Shift Dialog

Benefits for Managers & Employees

Once a full schedule of repeating shifts is established managers can get on with other tasks and spend less time on schedule management each week or each month.

A full schedule of repeating shifts allows employees to see what their work commitments are far in advance.

Repeating Shifts is one of the many ShiftApp features that help streamline and simplify your ongoing schedule management.