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How to use Repeating Shifts

ShiftApp supports automatically repeating shifts. Once each shift has been created in your initial shift period you can set them to repeat automatically.

To make an existing shift start repeating click on the Repeating Schedule icon in the shift details box.

make repeating shifts
From the New Repeating Shift Schedule dialog, you can choose the schedule by which the shift should repeat.
Shifts can be repeated on a 'Daily', 'Weekly', 'Monthly (by Day)' or 'Monthly by Week' basis.

Shifts will start repeating from the date of the original shift. Shifts can be set to repeat Forever or Until an End Date.

Repeating shifts can be set to repeat with or without the shift assignments. Choose what type of assignments you'd like to include to repeat automatically, ie. ResourcesClients and/or Employees.

Shifts which are part of a repeating series are clearly displayed on the schedule with 'double clock hand' icons.
repeating shifts on the rota
Repeating shifts that have completed (ie. they occurred yesterday or before) are automatically removed from the repeating series and so they become regular stand-alone shifts.


Setting a single shift to repeat Weekly on just one day every 2 Weeks is the same as setting it to repeat Daily every 14 Days. For a single shift, choosing weekly or daily repeating just depends on how you prefer to think about it.

The Weekly repeating option also allows the shift to repeat on multiple different days in the week, e.g. Monday-to-Friday.

If you schedule period repeats every X days, where X isn't weekly/fortnightly/etc., then you'll need to set every shift in your period to repeat every X days.