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Create a new Workforce

A new workforce, together with its first schedule, can be made by clicking the 'Managers: Create a new Workforce and Schedule' button found under the Workforce menu tab.

Enter the name of your business as the Workforce Name. A description can also be added. Then click 'Create Workforce and Schedule'.

Your new ShiftApp workforce and its first schedule will be created. Some example shifts with some examples employees will be automatically added to the new schedule.

The example shifts and employees can be edited or deleted. 

After a workforce has been created, more Workforce Settings can be found in Edit Settings under the Workforce menu tab.

Use the Schedules menu tab to switch the schedule view from one workforce to another.


Any user on ShiftApp can create a workforce. New managers might like to create a workforce called something like "MY TEST WORKFORCE" and then use this workforce for testing and learning how to use the ShiftApp system.

Using your own separate and fake workforce testing/learning/playing with ShiftApp is safer than accidentally making mistakes, due to inexperience with the software, on your real production workforce schedules.