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Shift Cloning

Cloning an existing Shift

Shifts from earlier days can be cloned to create new shifts.
Clone Shift controls in the Shift Details box
Click-AND-hold the clone arrow icons and then drag the cloned shift to a new day. Drop the cloned shift on a new day by releasing the mouse button. The underlying day where the cloned shift will be dropped is highlighted in green color. 
Cloning a single shift
Cloning a single shift
The solid clone arrow control - performs a full clone where the existing shift assignments are also copied.

The outlined arrow clone control . performs a partial clone where only the existing shift times, shift title, and shift info is copied to the new shift. 

Full Day Cloning

Full-Day Clone Controls
Full-Day Clone Controls

A full day of shifts can be cloned by using the clone controls that appear on the left-hand side of each day/date row when the mouse is hovered over that row.

Drag cloned shifts to a new day and then release the mouse button when the underlying new day is highlighted green.

Full Week Cloning

Full-Week Clone Controls
Full-Week Clone Controls
After switching to Month view (using the button at the top of the schedule) it's possible to quickly clone whole weeks of shifts. The weekly clone controls appear the left-hand side of each week row.


When you have a shift pattern that mostly stays the same but at the same time is constantly changing slightly, then using the Shift Cloning technique, for whole days or whole weeks, could be easier than constantly changing and editing Repeating shifts.

Repeating shifts are best used when there are few changes to the shifts involved.