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Shift Breaks

When editing a shift, a break period can be added. Shift breaks are subtracted from the total hours for the shift. So, break time is not included in the employee weekly hours or monthly hours as shown in various ShiftApp reports.
Controls in the Shift Edit box
Controls in the Shift Edit box

If employees are paid during their breaks then the ShiftApp shift break feature should not be used. Instead, managers can just tell employees when they have a break, or break information can be included in the shift Title or Info text fields.

Shift break information is displayed next to the shift times in square brackets, e.g. [ 30m ], and shift total hours are displayed in round brackets, e.g. ( 7h30m ).

Displayed Times
Shift Times and Break Times displayed in Shift Header and Shift Details Box


It's possible to add a shift break to a shift that is a long as the entire shift, in effect making the shift a 0-hour shift.

This is useful when you'd like to add a special shift to the schedule for which the hours should not be counted, e.g. a "training" shift, or a "staff party" shift.